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Nicholas M. Moccia, Moccia Foreclosure Defense Firm

Foreclosure Defense & Landlord/Tenant Attorney

Nicholas is a Staten Island attorney, who has successfully litigated and settled cases in all five boroughs. His main practice areas are foreclosure defense, landlord/tenant law and real estate related litigation. In the foreclosure area, Nicholas not only assists homeowners with the tedious loan modification process, but also goes on the offensive against the banks by bringing to light the improper practices. In the landlord/tenant context, Nicholas represents both landlords and tenants in the City Housing Courts, and gives individualized attention to the specific needs of his landlord and tenant clients. Nicholas has experience litigating non-payment proceedings, holdovers, HPD proceedings, illegal lockouts, ejectment proceedings and Fair Housing Act suits for discriminatory housing practices. Mr. Moccia also assists Staten Island contractors with filing and enforcing mechanic’s liens, and he assists consumers with vacating wrongfully filed mechanic’s liens.

Mr. Moccia is a member of the New York State Bar Association, the Richmond County Bar Association, the Brooklyn Bar Association, and the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce. He has been licensed to practice law in New York State for seven years.

98 Beach Street, Staten Island, NY 10304

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I found Nick Moccia’s work to be impeccable. His work was timely and professional. He was able to defeat a lengthy appeals process in court, and I would recommend him to anyone with landlord/tenant problems. Nick’s work is excellent.
— Robert D. Bush, Esq. of Chelli & Bush Law Firm (client & colleague)
I hired Nick Moccia to help me and my family with difficult, not to say absurd, situation that developed at building where I rented an apartment at the time. Without going in too much details about the case here, I can say that Nick walked me very patiently through each step of the process, explaining it thoroughly, as it is my first law suite ever, I was getting little impatient at times, though Nick has been always very professional, always offered a good advice and thanks to him I re-developed the confidence that there’s actually Justice for All in this country. I would recommend Nicholas Moccia as an attorney to anyone.
— Michael Livshyts (client)