Richmond County Referral Source


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About Us

The Richmond County Referral Source, Inc. is a networking group of like-minded business owners and professionals.

Our members pride themselves on their professionalism, expertise and service. Service to our clients and customers is of primary importance to us, as well as our service to the community of Staten Island. Some of our members are independent professionals or represent family owned businesses, while others represent large corporations. Join the RCRS and become a member of an exclusive group working as your sales and marketing team. There is only one seat for a particular business, profession or discipline. Lock out the competition and join today.

Membership Benefits
• Support
• Recognition For New Members
• Highly Competent, Successful Professionals in Various Disciplines
• Increased Business Opportunities
• Quality Networking Opportunities
• Referrals To Increase Your Business
• Opportunities For Personal & Economic Growth

Some of our members include a CPA, Realtor, Certified Financial Planner, and Attorneys with various specialties.



Come to a meeting

The group meets every Wednesday at 7:15am at the Comfort Inn, 310 Wild Avenue, Staten Island, NY and the meetings last approximately an hour.

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